XCMG road roller hydraulic oil hose

Hydraulic oil hose(1)

Caselee machinery is a leading supplier of XCMG road roller spare parts with more than 8 years of export experience in China. We supply full range of genuine original XCMG road roller parts, as well as good quality OEM parts for the following models:

XCMG road roller: XS143J, XS163J, XS183J, XS203J, XS223J, XS263J, XS123, XS143, XS163, XS183, XS203, XS223, XS263, XS303, XD82, XD102, XD123,XD133, XD143, XP163, XP203, XP263,XP303 spare parts.

The spare parts include a wide range like engine parts, transmission parts, brake parts, axle parts, cylinders, seal ring, assistor, working lamp, bucket, torque converter flange, output flange plate, gear pump base, differential mechanism, clutch disk, valve, hydraulic gear pumps, lights, cabin, drum etc.

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