XCMG 43m pump truck ready to delivery


HB43V Truck-mounted Concrete Boom Pump
Main Features
Ø Assembly on standard 3 axles chassis
Ø 5 sections placing boom, “RZ” folding system, FEM designed
Ø Fully hydraulic outrigger controls on both sides of the truck
Ø Front ARC-sharped outriggers and swing-out rear outriggers
Ø Hydraulic cylinder of legs is installed in the box structure, with good stress state
Ø Pumping unit with open hydraulic circuit
Ø Fully-hydraulic switchover system
Ø MPS (Micro Pressure Shock) reversing buffering technology
Ø ROCK valve transfer tube
Ø Large diameter slide valve with casting oil passage
Ø Intelligent electrical control system
Ø Remote / Manual control method for boom and pumping unit
Ø Centralized lubrication system for pumping unit
Ø Piston automatic return technology, easy to replace piston
Ø Main hydraulic pump overload protection technology
Ø Engine overload protection technology
Ø Engine low-speed protection technology
Ø Anti-tipping safety protection technology
Ø Lights system
Ø Accessories for safety
Ø Accessories for cleaning and pipes washing

Operation range

Main technical parameters

1. Pumping unit technical data
Item Parameters
Theoretical output (high/low pressure) m3/h 170
Delivery pressure MPa 8
Maximum aggregate diameter mm ≤40
Concrete cylinder(diameter×stroke) mm Φ260×2000
Filling height mm 1580
Hopper capacity L 600
Hydraulic circuit Open
Transfer tube Rock valve

2. Placing boom technical data
Item Parameters
Max. vertical reach m 43
Max. horizontal distance (from center of slewing axis) m 37.3
Reach depth m 29
Pipeline diameter mm 125
Section numbers 5
1st section unfolding angle 90°
2nd section unfolding angle 180°
3rd section unfolding angle 180°
4th section unfolding angle 230°
5th section unfolding angle 210°
Rotating angle of the placing boom ±270°
Stabilizer span
Longitudinal span mm 7700
Front stabilizer transverse span mm 7300
Rear stabilizer transverse span mm 7740

3. Technical data for travel
Chassis brand Sinotruk HOWO
Chassis model ZZ5347V524HE1
Overall dimensions (L´W´H) 11160×2500×3990mm
Overall weight 31000kg
Axle numbers 3
Wheelbase 4800+1400 mm
Tire 315/80R22.5
Engine Model MC11.40-50
Max. Power /Kw 290
Displacement of Engine 10.518L
Emission standard Euro V